A beautiful bodice lace up top with straps, lace & buckles.

Lovely thick cotton with a black lace front over top of a turquoise lining.

The top is laced up from bottom to top and there are 3 straps and buckles to add decoration. There is a flap behind the lace up which can be used to cover any gaps if the laces need to be made looser and more comfortable.

It is tapered in at the waist and sits nicely on the hips.

The sleeves are a gauze type material and have long ends that hang down.

The label says that it is a small to medium/10 to 14 and the approximate measurements are as follows.....

Back Seam...17"

Front Seam...21"

Bust...36" but as explained this can be adjusted via the laces

Sleeve Seam...22"

Black & Turquoise Bodice


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